Dan A. Moore will be performing the first concert on our Bosenforfer piano of primarily classical music. Dan is well known as he has been performing in the area for many years. He studied organ & harpsichord at the Boston Conservatory where he earned his Bachelor of Music. His credits include playing with the Royal International Shrine Circus Band, the Coral Art Society in Portland, ME, the Provincetown Jug & Marching band and the Underachievers. He was part of the house orchestra for many years at the Mt. Washington Hotel. Dan will be returning later this summer with the members his jazz band to perform a second concert showcasing the range of his talent and this amazing instrument.

Borsendorfer pianos are very fine and highly sought instruments. Each one is hand
made and unique with an individual sound. Many have extra keys at the request of Franz Lizst,
who wanted to arrange organ music for the piano, and needed additional range. Based on the
serial number we found on our instrument it was built in approximately 1850, and is
contemporary to our building. To my knowledge there are only a handful of them, at most, in New England.
Two of the few I know of are privately owned and not available to be heard by the public.

Please join us for this very special evening of music.

Reception following