Join us on the Summer Solstice for this very special event where we attempt to meet the ghosts who are the residents of the building. The evening will begin with Donna Girard opening the building and greeting the spirits while placing protective bans against bad influences entering during this delicate time. Pia Louise Capaldi, well known medium, will then reach out to the spirits asking them to identify themselves and to see if there is anything they would like to share. Donna will finish the evening by closing the building, ensuring that the circle is complete.

This will be a unique experience. We feel fortunate to have the skills of respected, knowledgeable people to take us on this journey. We have already had great interest in this event so make sure to let us know you’re coming through email or on FB page. This is not one to be missed!

As always, a reception will follow in the cafe.

Pia Louise Capaldi became aware of her intuitive gifts at a young age. She devoted much of her time listening to the language of the natural world. Pia’s spiritual practice is inspired by her study of the Andean (Q’ero) tradition of Shamanic Energy Medicine, her extensive knowledge of animal medicine & her gift of clairvoyance. Pia incorporates within her healing practice her own original expression of Shamanic Embodiment helping others cultivate a healthy, safe inner awareness & personal practice rooted directly in the heart & inspired by the 5 senses.

Donna Girard is an Artist & practicing Pagan living in the valley of the mountains of Western Maine. She has transformed her land into sacred spaces including a Mandala Garden, a Meditation Labyrinth & a Ritual Forest Grove. Donna facilitates a form of intuitive art called Soul Collage & has published a hybrid oracle deck using this art-form linking spirit & vision.